Motorists rushed to help an Auckland cyclist sprawled in the middle of commuter traffic yesterday - but the person who bystanders say caused the collision kept on driving.

Police are seeking the driver of a dark, double-cab and probably substantially damaged ute who did not stop at the scene of the crash in downtown Auckland.

Mike Mills, 45, lives in Piha and has been biking from Henderson to catch the ferry to Waiheke where he is working as an electrician.

He told the Herald he was cycling down the Nelson St bike lane through the Wellesley St intersection about 5.45am on Tuesday.


"All the cars were stopped and indicating to go left and I went down the hill as some guy came down the side of everyone and turned on the red arrow. I just slammed straight into the side of his truck.

"If it had been a few seconds earlier ... I probably would have ended up under his front wheels."

Mills said he was immediately helped by strangers. "I lay there for a few minutes getting my breath back and then a couple of people came up and managed to get me off the road. A lady and a younger guy came first and then some road workers parked their ute and put on the flashing lights to stop anyone running me over.

"When they dragged me off the road I was asking what happened and was expecting someone to say I had hit their car, but they were all saying he had taken off.

"I can't believe someone could do that, how could you live with yourself knowing that you had just hit someone?"

An ambulance was called, as were police, and Mills was taken to Auckland City Hospital where his partner, Anna, came to meet him.

While he did not have any broken bones, he is now on painkillers and has to take time off work.

Mills wanted to thank the motorists who stopped to help him.

"I probably ruined their mornings and made them all late."

Senior Sergeant Matt Knowsley said the matter was under investigation and was a reminder for drivers.

"In the Auckland city district motorists share the road with cyclists and pedestrians and need to take extreme care. If you are involved in a vehicle accident, you have to stop and ascertain that the other people involved are okay. If you don't, you could face charges."