A peaceful demonstration by exiled Zimbabweans will be held in Auckland next week to protest against President Robert Mugabe's time in power and call for the Zimbabwean Government to respect human rights.

Protests have been staged across the African nation for the last month, rallying against corruption, poverty, unpaid wages and injustice.

Leader of the movement Pastor Evan Mawarire has been urging people to take part in #ShutDownZimbabwe by staying at home as a sign of their frustration at the country's plight.

The demonstrations have caused unrest in the capital of Harare.


Ten people were reportedly arrested at the weekend during a cricket match against New Zealand.

During the first day of the Black Caps' second test at Bulawayo's Queens Sports Club overnight Saturday, people stood, waved flags, and sang the national anthem during the 36th over to protest the 36 years of President Mugabe's time in power.

Now, a protest will be held at Auckland's Wynyard Quarter on Saturday August 13, from 12-3pm.

Demonstration organisers say Zimbabwe human rights lawyers are helping protesters detained for "daring to ask for basic human rights such as good governance, food for their families and justice and equality for all Zimbabweans regardless of race, tribe or creed".

The protest's message will be, "No to poverty - no to corruption - no to injustice", and will call on the Zimbabwean Government to "respect human rights".

"Through demonstration, they hope the Zimbabwean Government will realise that their control and inhumane treatment of citizens will no longer be tolerated," organisers say.

Last month, an online petition called for the Black Caps to boycott the Zimbabwe cricket tour as a show of protest against Mugabe's regime.