Chiefs rugby management have spoken out about allegations involving their players, saying they're "disappointed" and "concerned".

In a post on their Facebook page this afternoon, Chiefs staff said there had been a lot of discussion involving the players at their annual Mad Monday post-season events, this year and last year, and they wanted to "address this directly with you, our fans, sponsors and stakeholders".

There has been a lot of discussion over the past week around the behaviour of Chiefs players at post season events in...

Posted by Chiefs Rugby on Sunday, 7 August 2016

A stripper, known as Scarlette, alleges several players held her down and indecently touched her during a performance at the Okoroire Hotel last week.

A second stripper, known as Laura, then came forward also claiming she was sexually assaulted during a performance during last year's Mad Monday.


In the post, management wrote, "We have always prided ourselves on the values and behaviour of our team and like you, we are disappointed and concerned by the allegations we are hearing.

"There is an investigation under way, which is being led by New Zealand Rugby, regarding the allegations that have been made.

"We welcome the investigation as given the varying accounts of what occurred it is important for both the players and the women involved that we establish exactly what happened."

They would make a decision about any further action once the investigation was completed.

"While we understand it is frustrating for the fans, sponsors, stakeholders, players and their families, it is important that the investigation process be respected by everyone involved.

"The Chiefs have a set of organisational values around accountability and authenticity, and we remain incredibly proud of the hard work and success the Chiefs have had. This success has been widely recognised by others and our players have been a huge part of building that.

"Given the nature of the allegations we are hearing, as a management team we have a responsibility to our fans, all the members of our organisation, our sponsors, stakeholders and the players, to look at the behaviour of our team to ensure we live up to our values at all times.

"It is important that our players, as role models in our society, live up to the high standards you expect of them. As a management team it is our role to make sure our players are the best they can be both on and off the field."