Giving a car an extra bit of gas ended in a splash yesterday.

Constable Mark Brinsdon said a teenage driver with two passengers lost control of the car and ended up in the Saltwater Creek in Tamatea about 1.30pm.

The driver was on a learner's licence so not legally allowed to be carrying passengers.

Brinsdon said the teenagers were lucky no one was injured.


"He decided to give the car some gas and basically lost control as he has come around a slight bend and ended up in the creek," he said.

"No one had a full licence - he shouldn't have been driving."

A passenger later returned to the half-submerged two-door silver saloon to retrieve belongings through the sunroof.

He was photographed leaping back to the bank by Hawke's Bay Today photographer Paul Taylor.

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Hawke's Bay Towing extracted the vehicle from the creek near the corner of Westminster Ave and Norwich Cres.