An Auckland cyclist has found the driver who knocked her from her bike - and has been inundated with offers to help her recover from the accident.

Anna Hickey, 23, was knocked from her bike on Dominion Rd on Friday. She said a large SUV tried to overtake her before turning into Paice Ave when it hit her - sending her flipping over the vehicle and onto the road.

In an open letter to the driver, published in Monday's Herald, Hickey wanted to know why the man did not let her pass before turning.

While he stopped at the scene and checked on her, she said he left her in the care of others soon after.


Hit biker hunts driver: I want him to know

"Part of me wants him to know the effect that it has had on me, because he probably would have forgotten about it that afternoon," she wrote.

"I have had headaches for days, I was dizzy and now I am afraid to get on my bike."

Hickey did not report the incident to police and turned down offers from passerbys to call an ambulance.

"I understand that accidents happen, but everybody out there who cycles is somebody's family member, I am a nurse. We are just normal people but for some reason people just don't care about our lives."

While the accident left her with minor injuries, Hickey said it could have been much worse and she was "lucky to walk away". She has also been left with considerable damage to her bike which she will have to repair at her own expense.

Following a story about Hickey and her letter today, she was put in touch with the driver and told he was "very shaken" and had later reported the incident to Waihi Police.

Offers from readers to pay for Hickey's bike repairs had also flooded in, as well as people offering to buy her new bikes or to help her regain her confidence on the road.


A woman who was at the scene of Hickey's accident said the driver was "very concerned" about Hickey.

"The driver was also in shock I think, and he was obviously concerned for Anna," said the woman who did not wish to be named.

She said he offered to swap contact details with Hickey, but she seemed confused after the accident.

"Both myself and the driver offered to drive her somewhere, as the bike couldn't be ridden."

Hickey said she had been given the driver's phone number and planned to phone him tonight.