Sprawled in the middle of Dominion Rd, 23-year-old Anna Hickey was concussed and injured. Her bike was badly damaged from being hit by an SUV and her clothing was ripped from flipping over the car and landing on the street.

Now she is trying to track down the man she believes is responsible for the Friday afternoon crash to ask him why he did not wait for her to pass before he turned his SUV into a side street, and why he did not immediately rush to her aid.

Although the man stopped, it was not until other passersbys came to check on her that he got out of his vehicle, Hickey said.

She said he came over and said he'd indicated, but then left her in the care of others and drove off.


"He was in a Jeep or a Porsche or something, it was quite a big car. He tried to overtake me and quickly get into the side road before me, but instead he hit me and I flipped over his car and landed in the middle of the road.

"I was lying on the road, I was so shocked that I couldn't work out if I was really badly injured or not. It took a couple of minutes for a passerby to stop before he even got out of his car and I was just taken aback by his attitude.

"The fact that he didn't want to wait two seconds longer to wait for me to pass before he turned, like wherever he was going and getting there two seconds earlier was more important than my life."

Hickey was biking to her nannying job in Parnell at the time, about 2.35pm, and was looking forward to a weekend of celebrating her graduation from AUT's nursing degree the day before.

Instead she was bed bound, nursing an aching body and concussion symptoms including a searing headache, dizziness and fatigue.

Following the accident, Hickey sought to find the man by writing a letter to the editor which was published in the Herald.

She said the man was middle-aged, European and had a rounded belly. The SUV was dark coloured

"Part of me wants him to know the effect that it has had on me, because he probably would have forgotten about it that afternoon. I have had headaches for days, I was dizzy and now I am afraid to get on my bike."

The letter

"To the man who sent me flying when he hit me in his Jeep, on Friday on Dominion Rd, there are a few things I wanted to say:

1. Thank you for stopping. I appreciate that you didn't just drive off. Thank you also to the kind woman who stayed with me until I was calmer and could work out that I didn't have a serious head injury. I understand that you were probably in shock and ... not thinking straight.

2. No matter how flash your car, whether you're indicating (at the last minute) or not, you shouldn't pull across someone's path at the last minute. You own a big car and you could've killed someone. I'm lucky to have been able to walk away.

3. I'm a student, I've just finished my degree. You own some kind of fancy Jeep or Porsche or whatever it was (I'm not sure because I was so shaken ... ) But I can guarantee you have money in the bank. Yet I'm almost certain that I left you without a scratch to your car. You left me with a battered bike that I must now get repaired, tears in my clothes and a ruined jacket. My whole body hurts and I keep finding more bruises and cuts. I don't want to take you to court or get you in trouble or anything like that. But I do want you to understand the impact that this has had on me and not only financially. I've had multiple concussions in my life (from situations different to this) so my head is precious. I want to look after it. I'm sore and I now have to pay for the repair of everything that was ruined. If I was your daughter or your sister, you would be furious. So please, next time you're in your car, think of me. I save lives for a career and I want to be able to continue that. My life is just starting. I have so much to live for.