Two centre-right tickets are going head-to-head in a key ward at the local body elections in Auckland.

The long-established Communities and Residents (C&R) ticket has selected two candidates for the Albert-Eden-Roskill ward, sitting councillor Chris Fletcher and 29-year-old engineer Ben Lee.

This follows a decision by the new Auckland Future ticket to select a young lawyer Rob Harris to contest one of two seats in the ward.

The two tickets, who are hoping for a centre-right majority on the Auckland Council, have been unable to resolve some differences - notably a fiscal responsibility pledge by Auckland Futre to cap rates at 2 per cent, cut $500 million of waste, reduce staff costs and get debt under control.


Fletcher was furious at being linked to Auckland Future in March and made it clear she was standing under the C&R banner.

C&R president Karen Sherry has a dig at Auckland Future today by referring to the ticket's "great mix of emerging talent coming through to contribute to the next 79 years of Auckland local governance".

C&R was formed in 1937 and dominated the old Auckland City Council until the Super City was formed in 2010.

Auckland Future campaign boss Sue Wood said: "We are backing our guy."

"We selected Rob in March and he has been campaigning hard since then. He is a key part of our team and focused on joining a majority centre-right team on council."

The brand has not translated into the wider Super City structure and late last year Auckland Future came onto the scene.

The division is a boost for Cathy Casey, the second councillor in Albert-Eden-Roskill, who is seeking re-election under the centre-left City Vision ticket.

But divisions on that front will be exposed next week when C&R open nominations for two slots in the Albert-Eden-Roskill ward. Auckland Future selected a young lawyer, Rob Harris, in March to contest the ward "with former mayor and longstanding councillor Chris Fletcher contesting the second seat", according to its press release.

Fletcher was furious at being linked to Auckland Future and said this week she is putting her name forward.

Auckland Future campaign boss Sue Wood and C&R president Karen Sherry maintain they have the Albert-Eden-Roskill issue under control and a good working relationship, despite a memorandum of understanding between the two tickets remaining unsigned.