The Northern Districts cricketer on trial for rape has called his accuser a liar and exaggerator.

Under cross examination this morning, Scott Kuggeleijn said the 21-year-old student who claims she was raped by the fast bowler had "exaggerated and lied" about a lot of events on the night of the alleged incident in May last year.

Kuggeleijn's recollection of the night was called into question by Crown prosecutor Jacinda Foster, who said the 24-year-old had a "selective memory".

Foster said Kuggeleijn did not remember parts of the party the pair met at, some of the taxi ride into Hamilton bar Furnace, and aspects of the 17 minutes they spent there dancing, kissing and drinking.


Kuggeleijn is on trial for one charge of rape in the Hamilton District Court.

The court heard Kuggeleijn and the alleged victim went back to her flat where they continued their encounter.

Kuggeleijn admitted twice trying to have sex with the woman but both times she said no.

He fell asleep but in the morning he tried again.

Foster said immediately after sex the woman got out of the bed, left the room and brought back a glass of water for Kuggeleijn but hardly spoke to him.

Kuggeleijn admitted she seemed upset but he did not know why because she had "been into it", moments earlier.

"It's all a blind mystery to you Mr Kuggeleijn?"



Foster said after being asked to leave by the woman's flatmate Kuggeleijn went straight around to his friend's house where he said he had "cracked it", in reference to sex with the alleged victim.

"Those were not my words," Kuggeleijn said.

After the student began telling Kuggeleijn's friends he had been "forceful", and that she had "no option" but to have sex with him, the cricketer said he didn't think he would be charged with rape because he "knew what happened".

However, when Foster suggested he should have been angry with the woman for alleging rape instead of sending an apologetic text to the woman, he admitted to being flustered and "a bit panicky" when he sent the text.

Kuggeleijn denied being forceful but admitted being persistent and said he was apologising for that.

"I did not want to come at her too hard because I did not know what was going through this girl's head."


When Foster put it to Kuggeleijn that the woman's version of events was exactly the way he had behaved he said she had exaggerated and lied.

Kuggeleijn said the first he knew of the charge was when he returned from a three-week holiday in Europe and the story appeared in a newspaper.

"I got messages from cricketers saying 'Are you OK mate?'."

The trial in front of a jury of eight men and four women continues today and is expected to finish on Monday.