Police have released their latest recruitment ad in the striking "Do you care enough to be a cop?" series.

After previous videos showed a young boy eating out of a rubbish bin and a drunk-driver about to get behind the wheel, the latest ad shows a woman alone on a busy street.

Clutching a soft toy, the woman, wearing only a nightgown, is distressed.

Many people don't give her a second look as she aimlessly wanders around, but one woman comes to her aid.

Lost Lady

What would you do? http://bit.ly/2buAVK9

Posted by NZ Police Recruitment on Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Police say they receive more than 500 mental health-related calls a week.

"Distressed people need someone who's going to be calm and understanding of their needs, even under the most stressful conditions," Inspector Sue Douglas said.

Police want to recruit 400 new officers this year.