KFC is warning fried chicken lovers not to fall for home delivery scams on Facebook.

The fast food restaurant revealed this week it would follow the lead of rival McDonald's and trial home delivery by the end of the year.

The news appears to have inspired scammers to set up fake delivery sites in a bid to steal people's credit card details.

"Recently, pages claiming to represent KFC NZ have been popping up on Facebook advertising KFC delivery in New Zealand," KFC said in a post on its website.


"These pages are not affiliated with KFC NZ and the websites they link to are scams intended to gain credit card information."

KFC said it was working with authorities to get the scam sites shut down as quickly as possible.

"If you encounter any sites offering KFC delivery in New Zealand please steer clear, and if you see any Facebook pages advertising KFC delivery, please report them to Facebook. We will post further updates here and on our Facebook page as they develop."

KFC reminded customers the only authentic Facebook page for KFC New Zealand was at facebook.com/kfcnz.

Earlier today, KFC operator Restaurant Brands revealed it had been working on home deliveries of KFC as a concept for the past 12 months.

Chief executive Russel Creedy said home delivery now accounted for 30 per cent of the global market for KFC and was particularly high in some markets such as the Middle East.

The website and digital tools are already in place for it to happen and the company's refurbished and new KFC stores have been configured for home delivery but process and stronger packaging are still being worked on, he said.

A trial will get under way before the end of the year to sort out "any gremlins" rather than to confirm whether we want to do it, he said.


- Additional reporting: BusinessDesk