Managers of a Tauranga bar say telling Pokemon fans they will be kicked out if they are caught playing the popular new game at the venue was a brilliant marketing stunt.

Krazy Jacks' manager Addam Clark said he knew his post was going to offend people but he didn't regret it at all.

"It was a marketing scheme my DJ friend and I thought up after asking some people to move on due to taking up seats that paying customers were wanting."

He said a typical good post on the Krazy Jacks Facebook page reaches 500 to 1500 people in six hours while this post reached 26,500 people with nearly 100 shares.


If there's one thing the manager would do differently it's writing a comment and sending it as admin instead of from his own personal Facebook page.

"[It] stirred up the wrong idea.

"People that come to Krazy Jacks know we have a bit of attitude and that's often thrown into our advertising and often pushed to the edge with our customers.

"We don't really care if people play Pokemon or any other games, however like all hospitality businesses we need space for actual paying customers."

Krazy Jacks' Facebook post stated: "Krazy Jacks would like to announce that it is a Pokemon free zone anyone caught playing Pokemon Go will be told directly to f*** off."