The roof of a Masterton service station collapsed after a driver fleeing police smashed into a petrol bowser and support beam.

Police say the driver then left the scene on foot after the incident, which happened at Caltex on High St just before 7.30am on Sunday.

The fire service closed High St for a short time, with the road reopening at around 8.45am.

Senior Sergeant Mike Sutton said police had been on their way to a domestic incident in High St, Masterton, and on arrival witnessed a vehicle leave the address and head south.


"That vehicle has then travelled approximately 500 metres down High St and then has made a right hand turn at speed into the Caltex, completely losing control, taking out a petrol bowser, taking out the pillar for the canopy causing the canopy to collapse.

"The vehicle's travelled across the forecourt and come to a stop on the edge of the forecourt and the driver has then got out of the vehicle and left the scene," Mr Sutton said.

"There was no vehicles on the forecourt but there was a forecourt attendant who was unhurt but they were obviously quite shocked and shaken up about what had taken place."

He said there was significant damage to the vehicle but "more importantly" to the service station forecourt, which would be "a considerable expense" to the owner, keeping them out of business for the short-term.

Mr Sutton they are still to locate the Masterton man and it is not yet clear whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in the incident.

He said the outcome could have been "much worse".