A new mayor and council for Auckland face some tough decisions on transport, housing, Ports of Auckland and asset sales, says a pre-election report issued today.

Acting chief exeuctive Sue Tindal said Auckland is undergoing a huge transformation and its growth means the council faces a number of challenges.

The 36-page report lists a number of key decisions facing the new council after October's local body elections.

They include working with Government on funding issues for transport, the delivery and funding of the city rail link, agreeing new infrastructure for housing and how to pay for it, the future of Ports of Auckland and looking at its capital tied up in the ports and airport.


The report also raises questions about the future of council services.

"We can't just keep adding new things and continuing to do all the things we do today. We will need to make choices.

"A key challenge for the newly elected council will be to help Aucklanders decided what the most important things to focus on are, given the limited funding available," the report said.

Said Ms Tindal: "It is worth noting that growth may hold major opportunities for Auckland, from attracting new investments and talent, through to creating higher value jobs and businesses, and building a more vibrant, sustainable and exciting region."

The report included some highlights since the Super City came into being in 2010, including the value of assets increasing form $29 billion to $44 billion, efficiency gains of more than $200 million a year and adopting a waste management and minimisation plan with a target of zero waste by 2040.