A three-car collision involving a Porsche ended up with one car on the pavement in Westport's main street.

All three cars had been parked on the left-hand side of Palmerston St when the Porsche driver went to move his car around 1pm.

A police spokeswoman said it appeared his vehicle was stuck in first gear but he hadn't realised.

The car leapt forward when he started it and rear-ended the car in front, which then hit the one in front of it.


One of the cars broke a verandah pole and ended up on the footpath within centimetres of Dennis Bookshop and Stationery's front window.

There were no injuries but all three cars were damaged.

Deputy fire chief Trevor O'Dea said firefighters closed the road while they sorted the situation out and moved the vehicles.

The scene attracted plenty of onlookers trying to figure out what had happened.

Mr O'Dea thought there was a good chance the Porsche was from out of town.

"I don't know many Porsches driving around here."

- Westport News