Lucy Knight still sometimes gets tired in the evenings, but that may be a symptom of being a mother-of-six rather than the continued impact of her head injury.

And while she's now able to go back to her full-time job of being a mother, a personal milestone was returning to the supermarket where she confronted a teenager attempting a bag snatch in Northcote.

The 17-year-old attacker punched Ms Knight in the back of her head, forcing her to the ground and shattering her skull - to this day she doesn't remember the two weeks after the attack.

But even with the tough news that she needs another surgery next month because the titanium plate in her head has moved, the Good Samaritan would do it all again.


"I will always say yes. It wasn't a thing to think about, you see someone who needs help so you do it. People might say it's really silly because it didn't work out so well for me, but you can't just ignore something like that.

"If you see someone that needs help, that's your instinct, isn't it?"

For the first year, ACC helped with some childcare and a cleaner but now Ms Knight is back on her feet, though it's not easy.

"It felt really hard a few months ago, getting kids to A and B, cooking dinner, just getting things done but now it's going much more smoothly which is good," she told the Herald.

"It's tiring anyway being a mother to a big family, but I do still find if there's lots of people and lots of noise for an extended period of time I do get really tired," Ms Knight said as Benne, 6, held a rainmaker toy to her ear.

Now her hair's grown back fewer people recognise Ms Knight - she recently returned to the supermarket where the life-changing attack happened but no one batted an eyelid.

She said it was a surreal experience, having something mean so much to her but she was another customer to everyone else.

Though she still has her fans.

"I was at the kids' school disco the other day with Benne and Phoebe and one of the little friends of theirs came up to me and said, 'You're really brave' and I couldn't work out what she meant. And she said, 'because you helped the lady'. So those little things are nice."

Ms Knight's family was one of the first to receive My Food Bag's bargain option "Bargain Box" designed for larger homes.

Nadia Lim chose the Knights after being touched by Ms Knight's actions. She's gave them a week of food and helped cook their first meal today.

Their first meal was burgers after a vote, and head chef Phoebe, 8, assigned jobs to the family.