New Zealanders will have to wrap up warm again tonight as more icy temperatures are forecast.

This morning saw the heaviest frosts of the year and temperatures dropping below freezing in numerous regions.

MetService meteorologist Emma Blades said it wouldn't be quite as cold tonight but would still be bitterly cold, particularly in the central and upper North Island.

"It's warming up today but the clear skies mean at night all that heat's going to get lost out in space.


"Particularly the North Island's looking very cold. In the South Island it's not as cold because there is more cloud around today."

Ice collects on grass in Rotorua as clear skies brought cold temperatures across the country today. Photo / Supplied via Dave Grant
Ice collects on grass in Rotorua as clear skies brought cold temperatures across the country today. Photo / Supplied via Dave Grant

Unusually, New Zealand's holiday hot-spot the Coromandel was expected to be the coldest part of the country overnight with -2C and a lot of frost forecast for Whitianga.

Waikato was forecast to be cold and frosty. Hamiltonians are in for morning temperatures of -1C.

Much of Northland was expected to drop to 3 or 4C and Auckland would drop to 6C before dawn on Sunday.

The Central Plateau is also in for sub-zero temperatures overnight.

Blades said there would be some cloud cover over the lower North Island so Wellington wasn't expected to drop below 9C.

In the South Island, overnight temperatures are forecast to be about 3C in Nelson, 1C in Blenheim, Christchurch and Dunedin. Invercargill can expect a relatively mild low of 5C.

Five ways to keep warm

1. Have a hot shower

Just a quick one, so as not to hike up your power bill. Dry yourself extra well (use a hairdryer if necessary). If you don't have immediate access to a shower, find a nice bathroom somewhere, wash your hands with warm water then dry them under the blow dryer.

2. Wear warm clothes
Shorts and a t-shirt will keep you warm, but thermal underwear and a woollen pea coat will keep you warmer. Pop on a beanie or a felt hat to keep the heat in. Gloves will help too - fingerless gloves are good if you have a touchscreen phone and would like to send your mates snapchats showing how warm you are.

3. Find a person to snuggle
Body heat is good. Combine body heat by sitting next to another person - be it your mum, your significant other your child or someone who has agreed to let you snuggle them.

4. Get a cat or a dog
If you do not have a person readily available for snuggles, cats and/or dogs can be good. Be sure to check animal for fleas, ringworm, etc first. If the pet does not belong to you, check with its owner first.

5. Netflix and chill
This may sound misleading, but chilling does not necessarily mean staying cold in modern day vernacular. For example, you can Netflix and chill on the couch with a warm blanket (preferably wool), in bed, or even at work. Variations on Netflix and chill could include (but are not limited to) TV and chill, Lightbox and chill, DVD and chill and read a book and chill. Please be wary though - if someone asks you to Netflix and chill with them, they may not only want to watch movies or tv shows. Seek clarification before agreeing to Netflix and chill with anyone.

Your chilly weekend weather


Today: Sunny with light winds. High 15C, low 4C

Tomorrow: Cloud increasing, afternoon rain and northerlies. High 17C, low 9C

Today: Sunny with light winds. High 13C, low 6C
Tomorrow: Fine at first, cloud increasing later and northeasterlies. High 15C, low 9C

Today: Morning frosts and patchy fog, then fine. Light winds. High 12C, low -1C
Tomorrow: Long sunny spells, morning frosts. Light winds. High 12C, low 3C

Today: Sunny with southwest breezes. High 12C, low 3C
Tomorrow: Cloudy periods developing. Light winds. High 13C, low 5C

Today: Fine with northerlies. High 14C, low 9C
Tomorrow: Long sunny spells. Northerly winds. High 14C, low 11C

Today: A frosty start to a fine winter's day. Northerly breezes. High 12C, low 1C
Tomorrow: Long sunny spells, morning frosts. Northerlies. High 14C, low 3C

Today: Fine but frosty start, then cloud increasing, with a few spots of rain. Northwesterlies. High 12C, low 6C
Tomorrow: Early showers, then mainly fine. Northerlies. High 14C, low 6C

(Source: MetService)

Clear skies over the country brought a cold start to Saturday and frost in many places