Auckland Zoo have been flooded with suggestions from people who want to have the chance to name two male capybara pups.

The pups were born on June 7 but remain nameless, so the zoo set up a competition for the public to help find suitable names.

They have had hundreds of emails, tweets and Facebook comments come through, with a great range of names, resulting in the team having a tough job to pick only two of them.

"We've definitely had over 200 entries so far, with some being really good, some not so good, and some ridiculous," Primate keeper Vanessa Johnson said.


Some of those suggestions verging on the ridiculous side are Capy and Bara, Jono and Ben, Boris (Johnson) and Donald (Trump), and Nacho and Burrito.

When thinking about names, primate team leader Amy Robbins said to "think about their personalities - they're feisty, full of life, have big personalities for their size and bear in mind their South American origin".

The winners will be announced on Monday, July 4. They will be awarded zoo passes for their efforts.

If you have a name that's fitting for these little critters, make sure entries are in by 12pm Friday.