A recent migrant to Greymouth was found by police publicly "fossicking" in the town for magic mushrooms.

Andrew James Durant was convicted of a charge of procuring other drugs when he appeared in the Greymouth District Court yesterday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Chris Stringer told the court that Durant was caught with a bag of freshly picked magic mushrooms on May 29. Durant told police he knew what they were for.

Lawyer Richard Bodle stepped back from divulging the exact location of where Durant was caught collecting the powerful fungi - with public safety in mind - but said he was "amazed at how public" it was.


"He was not trying to hide, he was in view of other people ... it was perhaps, opportunistic," Mr Bodle said.

"He certainly regrets now doing it."

Durant was currently seeking employment in Greymouth after his recent move to the area.

"He seems motivated," Mr Bodle said.

Durant currently had just over $500 in outstanding court fines.

Judge Emma Smith said she accepted "it was opportunistic" and accounted for Durant's early guilty plea, fining him $500 and ordering the destruction of the mushrooms.

- Greymouth Star