A road rage driver who chased a "frightened" woman for 17km after she flashed her lights at him for driving on high beam has pleaded guilty to intimidation today.

Michael Dean Teague, 46, had been driving his Mitsubishi Outlander on Glasnevin Rd in Amberley, North Canterbury at about 10.20pm on April 8 this year.

A woman driving in the opposite direction flashed her lights as his were on full beam, making it difficult for her to see, Christchurch District Court heard today.

Teague braked heavily, u-turned, and accelerated hard up behind the woman's car.


After he tailgated her for approximately 3km, the woman became "very frightened"and phoned police, the police summary of facts said.

Teague continued to follow her into Waipara township where the victim turned into a dead end street.

She turned around and stopped. Tegaue also stopped facing her with his lights on full beam.

The woman managed to drive past him and drove back to Amberley where she stopped outside a petrol station.

Teague then drove off.

The woman went to a friend's house and waited for police.

Police say Teague had "chased" the woman for about 17km.

When spoken to by police, Teague denied any knowledge of the incident.

Judge Tom Gilbert remanded Teague on bail to be sentenced on July 15 and warned him that he could face a driving ban.