Two people have been taken to hospital after a crash involving a school bus in Christchurch this morning.

Emergency crews were called to the scene on Avonside Drive, between Linwood Ave and Stanmore Rd about 8am. The area was closed off for some time.

A police officer said two people were injured.

A Canterbury DHB spokeswoman said a 21-year-old, the driver of the second vehicle involved, arrived at the emergency department with moderate injuries.


A 15-year old student is still being assessed.

Eight others were assessed by paramedics but did not require hospital treatment.

It appears to have been a head-on collision between a silver people mover and a Red Bus carrying Avonside Girls' High School pupils.

The bus had been bringing 15 students from the Christchurch seaside suburb of Sumner to school when the accident happened within 200m of the school. Some staff heard the crash.

Avonside Girls' High School principal Sue Hume said one student has been taken to hospital to be checked out. Some have gone home for the day, while others have gone to class as normal.

"It was a big shock," she said.

"Girls coming to school in the morning don't expect to be involved in an accident, and of course they were so close to school as well."

After the crash, the girls were all checked over by St John staff.

The school's guidance teams, deans, and senior staff looked after the pupils in a warm room and gave them hot, sugary drinks to "help them cope with the shock."

"We've had them all checked out and been contacting our families," Mrs Hume said.

"We're all just very relieved that we've had no serious injures and that all the girls are fine. The girls were concerned about their driver, who is their bus driver every day, so they were very pleased and reassured to hear that he's all right.

"They were also concerned about the other driver involved in the accident. Police have advised that he's gone off to hospital but is going to be OK, which is good news."

St John paramedics set up a triage unit at the scene and checked the pupils for injuries.

Motorists are encouraged to avoid the area or expect delays.