Kids' camps and trips at risk for fear of accidents.

ACC paid out more than a million dollars last year for children injured on school trips. Figures released to the Herald on Sunday reveal the corporation released more than $1.2 million in insurance payouts for claims that involved more than 3500 children, aged up to 15, hurt on a school camp or trip.

Last year's numbers represent a major spike. The payments were almost four times what ACC paid out in 2010 when the total was $317,930.

Payouts from ACC have risen every year since 2010, most significantly between 2013 and 2014 when the the amount almost doubled from $531,086 to $1.04m.

New Zealand Principals' Federation president Iain Taylor said the amounts and the rate of increase were surprising.


"It appears to be quite hefty. It's interesting that it has gone up that much because there's anecdotal evidence to say a lot of schools aren't having camps any more because of the health and safety concerns and the expense," Taylor said.

The ACC data also shows increases in the number of claims being accepted for school excursion incidents. In 2010, a total of 1362 claims were accepted, almost tripling last year to 3706.

Last month, two Orewa College girls, aged 15 and 16, suffered hypothermia during a school tramp in the Waitakere Ranges. Part of a group of 22 students and three teachers who got lost, the pair were flown by rescue helicopter to Auckland City Hospital.