What would you do if you saw an obviously drunk man trying to ride away on his scooter?

That's the question the police have posed in their latest recruitment video.

The clip, posted to the NZ Police Recruitment Facebook page, shows a stumbling man outside a pub, trying in vain to drink drive home.

He can be seen holding a bottle concealed in black plastic bag, trying to loosen his helmet and use his key to start the scooter.


Most people stare or completely ignore him - even as he falls to the ground in front of them.

Finally two men stop to ask if he is okay.

While one man leaves the scene, the other places his hand on his shoulder and says: 'Bro, you can't drive like that bro.

"You're not even endangering yourself, you're endangering everyone else on the streets.

"You can't even stand still."

The video is part three in the New Zealand Police's 'Do You Care Enough to be a Cop?' recruitment drive.

The 'social experiments' film real life passers-by to gauge their reaction to situations police commonly have to deal with.

The first video featured a young boy in a busy city street who was filmed eating out of a rubbish bin. There were a range of reactions from passers-by.

In the second video, a man seemingly in pain was shown lying down on the pavement as people walk past.

He could be someone who has had too much to drink or he could be passed out due to a medical condition. Out of 100 people who were filmed walking past, 21 stopped to check on him.

There will be two more videos in the series.