An eight-week-old puppy dumped on the side of a road has been found screaming for help inside a banana box in Masterton.

The tan and white female puppy was found by a local resident near a bridge on Nursery Rd on Sunday evening.

Wellington SPCA is now urging the public to help identify the person who dumped the puppy.

The SPCA's senior animal welfare inspector Ben Lakomy said the puppy was in good condition but should never have been abandoned.


"Things could have been much worse if the puppy hadn't been found, or had managed to escape from the box, given the nearby stream".

"Why dump an obviously once loved pet on a dark rural road, sealed in a cardboard box?"

"I urge you to get in touch so we can speak with them, hear their side of the story, and take any appropriate action from there," he said.

He said if an owner doesn't want to keep their pet, a call to the local council would allow the animal to be "surrendered".

Deserting an animal is a serious offence under the Animal Welfare Act 1999 and anyone convicted could see a fine up to $50,000 fine and/or 12 months in prison.

Wellington SPCA asks anyone with information about who could be responsible to contact 0800 INSPECTOR.