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Duco and Sky TV should absolutely "go after" those who stole and disseminated the Joseph Parker boxing coverage on Facebook, if for no other reason than the smugness of the perpetrators.

The fools not only identified themselves, they boasted about their illegal actions.

They can claim all the nonsense about being a modern day Robin Hood and that the $50 cost justifies illegally downloading the coverage - well let's see how smug they are in front of a judge.

This has got to be one of the easiest "slam dunk" cases I have seen for a while - the offenders have not only admitted the offending, they are clearly enjoying their infamy.


When you steal copyrighted material and then stream it for free you have clearly caused Duco and Sky TV to suffer a loss. The size of that loss is debatable but that's for a judge to work out.

The unlawful act is not up for debate. It's illegal -period.

And here's the thing: Duco and Sky TV are the good guys in this, they are the ones that got ripped off, but Duco bosses have been inundated with abusive emails, such is the entitlement culture that pervades these people who think they can just rip off other people's property with impunity.

These idiots have underestimated who they're dealing with here.

Duco's Dean Lonergan is not someone to be messed with. When he says he will pursue the culprits mercilessly, I kind of think he will.

Legal action won't help solve illegal downloading of television content, technology experts say that it's impossible to stop, but in this particular case, it would deal to a couple of stupid puffed-up individuals who think they're bullet-proof.

Sometimes a smart-arse needs to be taught a lesson -this is one such occasion.