McDonald's Australia is launching an investigation after a Kiwi man made a McNasty surprise in his 30-piece box of chicken nuggets.

Twenty-eight of them were raw.

It's fair to say former Hamilton man Codi Tewaaka and his family were not lovin' the lunch they had bought the children, aged 12, 5 and nine months, from the Morayfield McDonald's on the outskirts of Brisbane.

Mr Tewaaka says his family had just arrived from New Zealand before they decided to grab a quick bite to eat on the way home from the airport.


He ordered his partner's two children and his brother's nine-month-old baby 10 nuggets each.

"As we got home I broke up one nugget to put into baby's processing dummy and I realised it was raw and checked the other kids' nuggets. Two were cooked, the rest were raw."

Shocked, he headed back to the store straight away to tell them what happened, lodge a complaint and hand over some of the nuggets.

"I got told to wait [a few days] for a phone call that I never received so I rang them to be told it was headquarter's problem now, not theirs, and I needed to wait a month."

Unimpressed with the lacklustre response, 10 days later he contacted the regional council which will now investigate and get back to him this week.

"I was unhappy about the response considering it's a big company and it was 28 raw nuggets not just one or two ... and the fact that their food manager let it go out plus the counter girl not double checking and not sticking to food standards."

However, not only is he concerned about the public's health but also the near-miss his niece endured.

"The major was that my brother's nine-month-old baby nearly ate one and if it wasn't for us giving her one my partner's kids would have eaten them and they don't know how to pick raw from cooked."

Mr Tewaaka, who moved to Australia about five years ago and now works repairing caravans, says he's held onto about eight of the nuggets in case the company decided to bury the incident.

A McDonald's spokesperson confirmed they were now investigating.

"We are disappointed this has happened. We take food safety very seriously and have strict processes and systems in place. We have conducted an investigation and are liaising with the customer directly."