A disabled Dunedin man is promising justice to the burglar who stole his communication "lifelines'' from his Northeast Valley home.

Joshua Perry, of Dunedin, said a fantastic night celebrating a friend's graduation was ruined after returning to his home in North Rd about 3am on Sunday.

Wheelchair-bound Mr Perry (24) found a locked window in the apartment had been jemmied open.

He discovered his "ransacked'' home and his personal belongings flung around the one-bedroom apartment.


A laptop, landline phone, a mobile phone and an iPad were stolen.

Mr Perry has cerebral palsy and it was the first time he had been robbed since he began living independently four years ago.

"It was shocking ... I feel completely gutted,'' Mr Perry said.

The stolen technology was a "lifeline'' which allowed him to communicate with the "outside world''.

Mr Perry was working with police and had a blunt message for the thief.

"We will find you ... We will get justice.''

As his flat's contents were not insured, he started a givealittle page on Sunday, aimed at raising $1300 to replace the stolen items.

Patrick Pethica (24), the friend who graduated on Saturday, said the thief would have known they were stealing from a disabled person because of items in the bedroom, such as the electric adjustable beds.


"It makes no sense,'' Mr Pethica said.