It's an incident that has given new meaning to the term "party police".

A member of the police force has been temporarily banned from renting Police Association holiday homes after an "unruly" late-night party led to his group being evicted from one of its properties.

The association operates a network of holiday homes throughout the country that staff can rent for as little as $60 per night, but an article in this month's Police News magazine has warned about a "minority" abusing the privilege.

"Recently, the board of directors was forced to ban a member from using the network for several months after an unruly party he held in a Holiday Home disturbed neighbours," the article said.


"The member had booked the home for a celebration and had invited more people than it could accommodate. The group was evicted on the night."

Association members can book the houses online up to three months in advance, with ballots conducted for busy holiday periods.

According to the association's website, there is also a number of houses internationally that can be rented.

The houses are strictly for association members, who must be present for the duration of the rental.

The article said the association was about to conduct a survey about the homes usage and what improvements or expansions members would like to see.