Traffic has finally cleared after being bumper-to-bumper for several hours on the Northern Motorway in Auckland following five separate traffic incidents since 8am, NZTA confirmed.

Rush-hour traffic was already building up when a crash happened on the city-bound lanes just after Constellation Drive.

Just one hour later, a motorcycle collided with a car on the same route near Northcote Rd.

This was followed by a four-vehicle crash near the Constellation Drive off-ramp around 11.30am. At least one person was said to have sustained neck injuries.


The fourth incident took place shortly after when two cars had a nose-to-tail collision in the queue that had built up following the multi-car incident.

A motorcyclist slid off his bike on the Curren St onramp at 12pm, which ended up blocking part of the onramp.
he wet and rainy conditions are a hazard said NZTA Media Manager Auckland and Northland Sarah Azam.

"Our message to people is, slow down, take care and watch your following distances," she said.