A man who allegedly stole a phone is busted after making a call, and a blue-haired autistic man is strangled by an enraged assailant after being mistaken for someone else. These are just two of the stories making headlines around the regions today.

A man who allegedly stole a phone, then made a call to a friend who was coincidentally with the owner of the phone, was nabbed by Whangarei police.

A blue-haired autistic man has been left traumatised after being strangled by an enraged assailant who mistook him for another blue-haired man.

New Zealand's toughest criminals are doing yoga behind bars in a bid to reduce recidivism and help turn their lives around.


A Tauranga store owner defending his resident cat has been inundated with support after a complaint was made to authorities in an effort to shut the shop down.

Te Puia is set to get $2.5 million from the Tourism Growth Partnership fund for new facilities at the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute - including the new bone, stone and pounamu carving school, a ta moko (Maori tattoo) studio and a taonga gallery.

Whanganui Prison is being earmarked for expansion with a proposal to add another 32 beds to the prison complex, raising the total to 561.