The Canterbury region experienced a heat wave today, sweating through its third hottest day in May on record.

MetService recorded temperatures in Canterbury of 26.1C. Meteorologist Ciaran Doolin said it was unexpected at this time of year.

"This is unusual and they have a strong foehn effect forced over the mountains, warming and drying as it comes down the other side, that's where you get warm temperatures," he said.

He said while Canterbury had warm temperatures, it was an overcast day with mid to high cloud with strong gusty northerlies. Dunedin has also had an unusually warm day today with currently temperature at 24C.


But it didn't break any records, Mr Doolin said.

"There's been quite a high pressure system that's all contributed to warm weather," he said.

Tomorrow would be a fine morning with strong northwesterlies.


Today: Occasional rain. Northerlies strengthening. 24C.

Tomorrow: Increasing fine spells, chance shower. Northwesterlies. 22C.


Today: Drizzle at times. Evening rain. Northerly strengthens. 22C.

Tomorrow: Showers ease early and fine spells develop. Northwest. 21C.


Today: Drizzle at times. Evening rain. Northeasterlies. 20C.

Tomorrow: Showers ease early, then fine spells. Northwest picks up. 21C.


Today: Drizzle turns to rain evening. Northerly strengthens. 19C.

Tomorrow: Rain clearing morning. Northwesterlies picking up. 21C.


Today: Rain, becoming heavier tonight. Gale N'ly, gusts 110 km/h. 19C.

Tomorrow: Cloudy, morning and evening rain. Gale NW, gusts 140 km/h. 18C.


Today: High cloud, few spots afternoon rain. Gusty northwest. 26C.

Tomorrow: Mainly fine. Brief rain at night. Strong gusty northerlies. 21C.


Today: Mainly fine, few spots evening rain. Northerlies. 26C.

Tomorrow: Fine morning, brief afternoon rain. Gusty northwesterlies. 19C.