The man accused of killing a young mother and her toddler denies ever being in a relationship with the woman, despite three statements to police that say he was.

Kamal Gyanendra Reddy, 42, is on trial at the High Court at Auckland.

He is accused of murdering Pakeeza Yusuf and her 3-year-old daughter Juwairiyah "Jojo" Kalim at the end of 2006 or the start of 2007.

The pair were found buried under a Takapuna overbridge in October 2014.

In a secretly-recorded interview, he told police he had strangled the adult victim with an electrical iron cord before smothering the girl with a pillow.


But Reddy's lawyer, Jonathan Krebs, said the killer was not his client but a man called James whom Ms Yusef was seeing romantically.

Reddy, speaking though a Hindi translator today denied ever being in a relationship with Ms Yusef.

Crown Prosector Natalie Walker questioned Reddy.

He said he was not her boyfriend or partner and only knew her as a friend.

He never spent time alone with her and her daughter, he said.

Ms Walker asked him about statements he made to police in 2006 and 2013.

The statement in 2006 related to a fight he had with Ms Yusef's ex-husband Mohammed Faizal.

Ms Walker read from the statement:

"Mohammed Faizal is my partner's ex-husband.

"I was with my partner Pakeeza Yusef...and Mohammed came from the back and punched me from behind which knocked me out."

He said that he remembered reporting the incident but did not recall referring to Ms Yusef as his partner.

"I haven't given this kind of statement, I don't remember," he said through the translator.

He said it was his signature on the statement, but he did not recall making the signature.

The other statements were from 2013, when police interviewed Reddy about Ms Yusef's disappearance.

In a statement dated March 27, which bore his signature and initials on each page, he referred to Ms Yusef as "a lady I used to go out with a few years back".

He said he did not read the statement before signing it.

On April 16, his statement said he lived with Pakeeza at an address in Howick.

"You haven't mentioned James Mr Reddy, but you have said that you and Pakeeza were able to go shopping together and we're happy together in Howick."

Reddy replied: "The statement has been changed."

Ms Yusef gave Reddy's name as the emergency contact for her daughter's day care in November 2006, according to a copy of the form.

"This kindergarten enrolment form is further proof you were in a relationship with Pakeeza and she considered you very much her boyfriend at that time," said Ms Walker.

Mr Reddy replied: "How that name came to be there I do not know."

Bank records presented to the court showed purchases at Chipmunks Manukau, supermarkets and jewellery stores, as well as cash withdrawals.

Mr Reddy also said he did not spend money at Chipmunks Manukau on Jojo, but his friends' children.

Purchases at jewellery stores were not for Ms Yusef, nor were cash withdrawals at ATMs or shops.

The trial continues.