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Jane, I fully support your rant. My rant is that more and more people are not picking up after their dogs - especially on the footpaths and along the beach - which I often pick up for them as I cannot leave it there to be washed out to sea or children to play in. Also those who dump their used doggy bags along their walk because there is no bin nearby and they have to carry it. Why should other responsible people have to get rid of it?


I would like to apologise to the couple who were behind me on Sunday May 8 at Royal Oak roundabout. I very unkindly gave them one-fingered hand gestures as I thought their tooting and pointing was to get me to hurry up pulling into the heavy traffic. As I figured out later, they were trying to let me know I had left my wallet on the roof! Huge apologies for my rudeness and thank you very much for trying to let me know. A lovely young lady ended up finding my wallet on the road. Feeling grateful for good, honest people (and horrified at my own behaviour!)



Many men seem to have lost pride in their appearance. The five-day stubble suits very few. Women should revolt. After all, who wants to be kissed by the likes of the bristles of a yard-broom?


My elderly mother was recently admitted to Middlemore Hospital after a massive stroke. From the St John's men that heeded the call to her final hours we experienced such amazing care, help and respect that exceeded all expectations. She was unconscious all of the time until she finally died and during that time the staff were so gentle and caring. A very special thanks to ward 2 staff.