A man has died after the car he was driving crashed through a fence in an Auckland suburb.

The crash occurred shortly after 2pm off Mt Wellington Highway at a property opposite Sylvia park.

Herald cameraman Geoff Mackley said the car had crashed through the fence of the property and stopped short of the house.

"[The car] has ploughed through a fence.It is your standard Mt Wellington state house. The car has stopped about 3m before the house."


At the scene, the grey, four door car could be seen sitting inside the grounds of the property.

Debris from the brown wooden fence was scattered around the vehicle.

A resident on Mt Wellington Highway said two woman had tried to resuscitate the man after the crash but were unsuccessful.

"When I got home I saw there was a car that hit the wall next door to our house and then there were people everywhere so I went outside and these two ladies were giving the man in the car CPR," she said.

"I saw that and I got scared so I went back inside. I couldn't see it anymore. I have never seen a crash this major happen before. It is actually very scary.

"The woman said the man was still inside the car while the women were attempting to resuscitate him.

"There were quite a few people around, watching and another lady was on the phone to ring the ambulance and the police."

Mr Mackley said ambulance staff had also tried to resuscitate the man, believed to be in his 60's.

"There is an ambulance crew [here]. The ambulance chief told me that they had attempted to do CPR on the guy but it was unsuccessful."

Earlier this afternoon, he said the man's body was lying on the ground by the passenger's side door.

"The drivers and passengers doors are open and [the man's body] is on the ground directly beside the passenger's door."

Mr Mackley said a blanket was being erected around the body.

Another resident, Manu Kalidas, said he had heard sirens near his house and had gone outside to see what was going on.

He said a large part of the road had been closed off and there were ambulances and other emergency services at the scene.

Senior sergeant Ashley Gore of the Auckland Police said the road had been partially closed while emergency services attended the scene.

He urged motorists to avoid the area if possible although traffic was flowing both ways.The Serious Crash Unit is investigating the incident.