With nearly three deaths a year due to irresponsible use of firearms during duck hunting season, authorities are urging caution.

The official start day of the duck hunting season is May 7 this year.

People should not let the festivities of opening weekend get in the way of basic safety, said Mountain Safety Council CEO Mike Daisley

"Following the firearms safety code is the key to making sure you make it home to your family, ducks or not," he added.


The key message is for hunters to understand that they must raise the alarm if they see something that does not seem right.

This year there is a huge push around helping people understand that while it is okay to celebrate, they must also remember to be cautious around firearms especially when alcohol is flowing freely.

"We're working hard to advocate for the safe use of firearms, and what we do know is that in the six-year period between 2009-2015, of the 28 fatalities over half were directly attributable to firearms."