An Auckland woman's island holiday has been cut short after Air New Zealand stopped her from boarding a plane because it had reached its maximum weight allowance.

Alex Catchpole-Ozpinar arrived for her flight to Tonga on Monday but was told at check-in she couldn't board.

"After speaking to the manager, apparently they book the plane to its full capacity and then if it weighs too much they kick off anyone that was last to book online," she said in a Facebook post.

She had booked in February and had tried to check in two-and-a-half hours before her departure time.


"This is such a screw-up, I expected way better from Air New Zealand," she told the airline on its Facebook page.

Air New Zealand responded to her post and said while it was "sorry to hear this happened" it was a risk as stated on its conditions of carriage.

"We may for safety reasons need to take such actions, however, I can see that you have been transferred on to the flight tomorrow."

At 9:30 this morning I should've been on a flight to Tonga. However, at 6:30 this morning i turned up to the Air New...

Posted by Alex Catchpole-Özpınar on Monday, 2 May 2016

But Ms Catchpole-Ozpinar said she had lost two full days from her original five-day holiday in Tonga and that her accommodation was non-refundable.

"I rarely travel due to an anxiety disorder, and this stress was unexpected. I was hoping for a positive experience, but I feel discouraged to fly with you to the Pacific again."

Air New Zealand advised Ms Catchpole-Ozpinar to talk to her insurance provider about the loss of accommodation.

It warned operational reasons beyond its control could lead to weight restrictions.

"On this occasion our preferred alternate airport was not available which meant that we needed to carry additional fuel and reduce the weight of the aircraft in order to do this," said a spokeswoman for the airline.

She said this was something that only occurred close to the time of departure.

Customers that were offloaded were accommodated on alternative services.

"Air New Zealand apologises for any inconvenience this has caused."