Mangawhai's ratepayers have been denied a bid to appeal against a decision that allows the Kaipara District Council to charge higher rates to pay for a $57 million wastewater scheme.

The Supreme Court today dismissed the Mangawhai Ratepayers and Residents Association (MRRA's) application to appeal a decision of the High Court in 2013, which found the rating increase was not unlawful.

Though at the time, High Court Justice Paul Heath found that the council had acted unlawfully, borrowing more than $50 million to fund the project, it did not find the "massive increases" in levied rates to be illegal.

The MRRA's subsequent appeal to challenge the High Court's decision failed.


And today, the association's request to appeal that finding was denied by the Supreme Court.

The association was ordered to pay costs of $2500 to the council.

Council chair of commissioners John Robertson said he welcomed the decision.

"This closes the Judicial Review case first launched by the MRRA against the Council in 2014. There can be no more appeals on this case."