On a busy road near where I live, there are cars parked on the side with "for sale" signs. Sometimes over the weekend, there can be up to five of these vehicles and the owners often leave these overnight or else return them the next day with the same sign. There is no signage anywhere to prevent a person from parking on the side. Is this legal, and if not, who can we contact about the problem? Lee Watts, Golflands.

Clause 23 of Auckland Transport Traffic Bylaw 2012 states that a person must not stop, stand or park a vehicle on any road or parking place for the purpose of advertising a good or service, or for offering the vehicle for sale unless the vehicle is being used for day-to-day travel.

Clause 29 states that a person who fails to comply ... commits an offence under the act and is liable to the penalties set out in the act.

The penalty or fine relating to this offence is $40 ... Thus, it is not legal, in Auckland anyway, and you should contact Auckland Transport (Ph (09) 355 3553).


The intersection at Gladstone Rd and The Strand does not function well especially at peak traffic times. It is used by many heavy trucks accessing the container terminal and is a major junction between Gladstone Rd, Tamaki Drive and Quay St. Is there a plan to upgrade this intersection? A mini roundabout would allow trucks to negotiate the junction. Allan Duffy, Auckland.

The NZ Transport Agency, Auckland Transport and the Ports of Auckland are in agreement that the best way to improve safety at this intersection is to signalise it.

As a result the agency is planning to reconfigure the current layout to a traditional T intersection and install traffic signals.

This will provide improved safety for vehicles as well as for the many pedestrians who also use the area.

There are no plans to widen the road bridge and it is not possible for a roundabout to be installed within the existing space that would allow for the safe movement of large trucks. For this reason reconfiguring the intersection layout and installing traffic signals is the best solution for improving safety in this area.

While this project is not currently on the NZTA programme, investigations are being carried out to see if it can be brought forward.

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