New Zealand's police are regularly running after men as part of their day to day jobs - but this time they've decided to try their hand at something different.

They've shared a video on the New Zealand Police Recruitment Facebook page of a team of cops doing the 'running man' - yes, the late '80s dance move made famous by Janet Jackson.

The group of eight cops perform the dance - complete with flashing lights from a car - along with some other smooth moves, in front of a dropped wallet in a garage.

The star of the show, doing an impressive dance solo before pulling out his notebook and exiting stage left, is Sergeant Sonny Isoefo.


The soundtrack to the dance may be familiar to some - it's Ghost Town DJ's 1996 smash hit "My Boo."

The video, uploaded less than an hour ago, has already been viewed nearly 90,000 times.

New Zealand Police #runningmanchallenge

We catch people on the run every day, this was a new #runningmanchallenge for our team. Are you up for it Victoria Police, NSW Police Force, Western Australia Police, Queensland Police Service, South Australia Police, ACT Policing, Tasmania Police, LAPD Headquarters, Isles of Scilly Police and NYPD? Music: My Boo by the Ghost Town DJs

Posted by NZ Police Recruitment on Monday, 2 May 2016