A teenage boy and girl accused of stabbing a man in the chest after meeting him on Tinder allegedly had a hammer and knife at the time.

The pair were called before Waitakere Youth Court this afternoon each charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent to rob a 28-year-old following the incident on Friday night.

Judge Gregory Hikaka said there was also a count of robbing the man using a knife and hammer as a weapon.

The victim is alleged to have been stabbed in the chest as he sat in a car with the girl, who he'd met on social media dating app Tinder.


The stabbed man was now in a stable condition in Auckland City Hospital.

Because of tight restrictions around reporting Youth Court matters, little can be said about today's hearings or the defendants.

Judge Hikaka said the charges were serious but it was early in the process.

He declined a Herald application for access to court documents.

The victim is believed to have collected a young woman from an address in Massey on Friday night.

He was later seen collapsed in the middle of a roundabout at the corner of Triangle Rd and Huruhuru Rd clutching his chest, where people tried to help him.

A police spokesman said emergency services arrived on the scene at 11.50pm and the man was taken to Waitakere Hospital by ambulance with a deep cut just below his collar bone.

It is understood the man also suffered a collapsed lung.


A man who lives near the roundabout said he was woken by a knock on his door by a police officer about 1am but by the time he got up, the officer had walked away.

From his window, he could see a number of police cars with their lights flashing and a cordon at the roundabout.

Another woman who lived near the scene also woke to police cars but didn't know what happened.

"That's scary. Nothing like that has happened near here before."

At their next appearance the teenagers will have to enter a plea to the charges against them.