If 10-year-old Gwenyth Kirkman got an opportunity to speak to the people who stole her school's charitable sharing shed, which was bolted into the ground, she would tell them to return it and apologise right away.

"I would ask them why they did it. I would say give it back right now and say sorry."

She is one of five children who was present at St Dominic Catholic Primary School as a new shed was installed to replace the burgled one.

The sharing shed was used to collect charity items such as toys, bed linen and clothes, which were donated to Monte Cecilia Housing Trust on a weekly basis.


However, this is not the only sharing shed that will be erected.

The theft gained much attention after it was featured on Mike Hosking Breakfast last week. The radio programme also nominated Monte Cecilia for the ASB Good as Gold campaign. As a result, the not-for-profit now has funds to install 10 new sheds in schools willing to participate.

This was a superb way to deal with a bad situation said St Dominic's year five pupil Joseph Robinson.

"The people who took our shed are mean but we need to keep helping our world and our community. All the new sheds will be really good for everyone. There are people who need help, kids who don't go to school. They need us to help them."

Principal Daniel Pepper said the best part was that an unfortunate event had led to such a positive outcome.

"I suppose other schools will be really keen to have a shed installed. It really teaches the kids about giving to others and people who are not fortunate enough to have what we have."

He added he had received several messages of support, but the best one was from a parent who said this was a classic case of good triumphing over bad.

These donations go a long way to help families in need, Monte Cecilia Housing Trust chief executive Bernie Smith said .

"We are pleased with all the help we get. There are plenty of people who are very thankful to receive stuff from others."

Mr Smith added that it especially heart warming to see the reaction from children when they received toys that have been placed in the shed by other boys and girls who are their age.