Police are on the lookout for a 60 year-old Chinese tourist visiting the country after concerns were raised about her mental wellbeing.

Yaqin Wu entered New Zealand with a tour group on Sunday and was staying at the Heartland Hotel in Airpark Drive in Mangere.

She was reported missing last night after leaving the hotel early yesterday morning and not returning.

Before leaving, Yaqin Wu made comments to members of the tour group that have caused police to hold fears for her mental wellbeing.


Search and Rescue have spent this afternoon scouring the area around the Heartland Hotel, including searching nearby parks and reserves. They will continue to search until nightfall.

Police have also made a number of enquiries throughout the day and a police ethnic liaison officer has been in contact with the woman's family back home in China.

Yaqin Wu does not speak any English at all and is not believed to know anyone in New Zealand.

Police have asked for anyone with information on her whereabouts to come forward.