The days of being issued paper speeding ticket at the roadside are limited as police continue to embrace the digital age.

From today, police will be issuing roadside infringement notices electronically through an app on the police mobile devices.

These notices will be sent directly to the person's postal address within seven working days following the date of issue.

National road policing manager superintendent Steve Greally said it would reduce the amount of paper work for staff.


"If someone is stopped for a driving offence, rather than the officer having to hand write or print out the notice and give it to the motorist, the officer will instead be able to scan the person's details on their mobile phone," he said. "Through the new OnDuty phone application that has been developed, they will be able to automatically record the offence into the system."

The app was built to work offline, meaning it would also work in areas with no mobile coverage.

Mr Greally said this would enable greater engagement with motorists when it came to safer driver behaviour.

"Hopefully the changes will make the process a little more streamlined and should generally result in less delay for the motorist at the roadside, while still providing an opportunity for our staff to engage in important roadside safety conversations."

He said police would rather not issue anyone with a notice at all.

"Our only interest is in having fewer victims on our roads through encouraging safer driver behaviour and targeting those who put us all at risk."

"But Police cannot do it alone, Mr Greally said. "We all have a part to play in keeping our roads safe."

Previously infringements were only mailed out when the officer was unable to provide a paper copy at the time.


The time available to take action in relation to a notice will not be affected.

The process for querying a notice is also unchanged.

He said police hoped to expand the app in the near future to all aspects of police work, from road offences to family violence incidents or burglaries.