A car misplaced by its elderly owners has been found - with their precious dog safe inside.

SPCA Otago posted an SOS to its 7000 Facebook followers late this afternoon after it was told by an elderly couple they could not remember where they parked their car.

Inside the car was their chihuahua dog.The post was shared almost 700 times and many people commented that they were looking for the car.

Among those searching was mum Tasha Jamieson, who posted on Facebook about 6.30pm that she had found the car.


She had searched several areas with her son before discovering the car, and its "scared but ok" four-legged passenger, behind Orphans Aid Opshop in South Dunedin.

The post prompted a deluge of likes, and positive comments.Sharee Sayers praised South Dunedin's "community spirit".

"I've been sitting in Taranaki watching this post with bated breath hoping for a good outcome for the wee dog and owners. I bet he will be happy to get home and have his tea and lots of cuddles.It is good to see social media put to good use and a community rally together.

"Now I can go do the dishes knowing all is well."