High-profile sports doctor John Mayhew has thanked the people who saved his life.

The Warriors team doctor, who also spent 15 years as the doctor to the All Blacks, went into cardiac arrest after an exercise class in Auckland on Tuesday.

Gym staff performed CPR and a defibrillator was used to restart his heart.

Dr Mayhew was later put in an induced coma at North Shore Hospital, before being transferred to Auckland City Hospital.


Dr Mayhew's brother, Simon Mayhew, also a GP, said last night that the 60-year-old was doing well.

"He's had a really good day, he's really comfortable."

Both his brother and sister-in-law, Sue Mayhew, wanted to thank those who came to Dr Mayhew's aid - first at the scene, then at North Shore Hospital and now at Auckland City Hospital.

"The number one thing they want to say is thank you ... he just can't thank people enough for the really excellent care right from the very start, from the fantastic people at the gym that he doesn't know but wants to meet to the staff at North Shore and Auckland hospitals. They said 'we are just so grateful'."

The father-of-four also wanted to remind people of the importance of early CPR and the use of defibrillators, Simon Mayhew said.

"It just saves lives. He's testament to that. A number of people have said they've gone and checked where their work defibrillators are and patients have told me they want do a CPR course."

Dr Mayhew suffered cardiac arrest because of a heart problem.

Simon Mayhew did not know when his brother would be able to leave hospital.