Traffic on Auckland's southern motorway is heavily congested after a motor vehicle crash blocked two lanes just outside of Manukau.

The crash, which occurred at around 3.30pm, has blocked the two right southbound lanes on the Southern motorway after the South Western Link on-ramp.

Traffic is heavy from East Tamaki and motorists have been advised by the New Zealand Transport Agency to avoid the area if possible or take an alternate route.

The crash involved a truck and an unknown number of vehicles. There were no serious injuries.


Police northern communications inspector Andy Brill said the crash has blocked lanes and caused traffic to build up.

"There was one vehicle blocking a lane, a vehicle on the grass verge, no serious injuries and... apparently there was a truck involved as well so the tow truck is going to move that.

"I don't know precisely how many vehicles or what type of vehicles. It was a crash involving a truck."

Mr Brill said tow trucks were en-route to the crash site.