An unofficial New Zealand Fire Service Twitter account is adding a bit of humour, and colour, to its tweets by throwing in a few emojis to describe its breaking news.

@FirecommNZ - the unofficial media feed for New Zealand Fire Service's northern region - has been using the emojis over the past six weeks.

One of the most recent incidents was this morning - sending Te Puke firefighters to rescue a kitten from a tree resulting in this colourful tweet:

Shift manager Jaron Phillips admits the all-emoji tweet was a dare from a reporter, but he was up for the challenge.


He says he can't take credit for idea, with it originally being suggested by a reporter who had seen the London Fire Brigade using emojis in their tweets.

Mr Phillips says followers will continue to be treated with their creative prowess as their call-outs around the northern region continue.

It remains unclear whether the official New Zealand Fire Service twitter account - @NZFireService - will incorporate emojis into their feed.

As for the kitten stuck up the tree? Mr Phillips says, unfortunately, the cat was too high up the tree for the fire service ladder and had to be left up there.

Firefighters advised the kitten's owner to get an arborist to help get it down safely.