An attempted burglary resulted in a man being stabbed in a rural Auckland area yesterday -- and one vigilant neighbour is being praised for stepping in.

The Ramarama woman told the Herald how she arrived home to her Kern Rd property at about 11am and saw an unfamiliar black SUV in her driveway.

She wished not to be named, but spoke of how she confronted the five occupants, who told her they were "looking for a petrol station".

Suspicious, she took down their number plate and called police.


"They just didn't look right in this neighbourhood so I grabbed the licence plate as they drove away. I called straight through because at the moment a lot of the police have been telling us how many burglaries have been happening and giving us pamphlets and things in the street.

"So I called Papakura Police Station and they put me straight through to a communications line and they got all the information. They told me it was a stolen vehicle and they sent out the helicopter.

"It was really good. They jumped straight on to it, apparently they sent out about 16 police cars or something."

Soon after, the police were called to a property around the corner on Runciman St.

"They smashed into that house and stabbed the owner," she said. "The police got to that person really quickly and used the dog squads to track the people."

A Counties Manukau Police spokeswoman said the Runciman Rd break-in happened at about 11.30am.

"Three males entered a property ... the occupant of the address was assaulted and the offenders took off with a vehicle, electrical equipment and cash.

"Police were given details of the vehicle used by the offenders and located it a short time later at an address. A number of people were spoken to and a 23-year-old male was charged with receiving stolen property."

She said inquiries were ongoing to identify those involved in the burglary and police were " following up strong leads".

The man's injuries were minor and he was being supported by Victim Support and police staff, she said.

The woman from Kern Rd said she was impressed with the police's response.

"The police really wanted to catch them. There's a school of thought out there that police don't want to catch them and don't catch them, but the police really do care and do want to catch them.

"But unless we start helping them out it's just like pushing sand up hill."

• Anyone with information about the Runciman St incident can call Counties Manukau Police on 09 261 1300 or on the anonymous Crimestoppers tipline, 0800 555 111.