What were these kiwi up to one sunny Stewart Island day? We're not exactly sure. One thing we do know -- they're out past bedtime. And, they appear to be engaged in either one helluva scrap or some seriously intense mating.

Usually noctural, these kiwi surprised a person walking on the island in more ways that one.

The person filmed the noisy interaction between the two kiwi and posted it on YouTube this week.

Warning: Offensive language

"I have been in New Zealand 8 months now, travelling through this beautiful country ... I want to show you one of the rarest animals in the world, the kiwibird of New Zealand. It's not usual to see them like I did. I was really lucky."


The person said they believed the kiwi were fighting as there was "no clue for any mating".

"The kiwis looking (sic) like little dinosaurs. Pretty funny."

The New Zealand Herald was unable to contact a kiwi expert before deadline, but the kiwi were probably the tokoeka species of the flightless bird.

According to the Department of Conservation website tokoeka has three geographically and genetically distinct forms, one of which is from Stewart Island.