As we are not from Auckland we got a taxi to Vector Arena no problems, but after the show we tried to get a taxi (plenty of them) back to Hobson St. Not one taxi would take us as we weren't going far enough! One driver refused my husband as he was wearing a leather cap, just like the taxi driver. Then they have the audacity to complain that they are not getting enough fares. Not a good look Auckland.


My wife and I were collecting for the Blind Foundation Red Puppy Appeal at Pak 'n Save Takanini. The generosity and friendliness of the people who donated were amazing and made for a very pleasant afternoon. Also, a big thanks to Pak 'n Save for providing the space for us.



Anyone trying to drive through Papakura will know what a frustrating experience this is with stop-starting at traffic lights at nearly every intersection. There has been a complete overkill with traffic lights, many of which are not needed and are probably contributing to the decline of the town centre. Remove the traffic lights and replace them with roundabouts, which will make it easier for getting around and reduce congestion.


I went up to Titirangi for one of the wonderful walks. Amazing. So proud to be a New Zealander. The information centre and walks are amazing.


Is it too difficult for some drivers to acknowledge thanks when you stop to allow them in to join a long queue of traffic? Even a brief moment of eye contact and a flash of the eyebrows is better than the no-response, "Well I expected you to let me in" non-reaction of some.


On Wednesday at 2pm I phoned Auckland Transport (straight through without delays) and explained to customer services about a road sign for a hump which had been lying on the verge for more than three months. The very polite lady said she could see the hump opposite 5 Lyons Ave in Murrays Bay. She said she would put in a work order and gave me the order number. To my surprise, on walking past at 11am on Thursday, the sign had already been put back.

I thought they were very efficient and phoned AT that afternoon to compliment the lady on the great service.


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