No charges will be laid in relation to a crash late last year in which three Mongrel Mob members died when their car crashed into the Mohaka River.

There was speculation following the November 7 crash north of Napier that the car may have been forced off the road by another vehicle.

But police said this afternoon that while they had established a second vehicle was involved, no charges would be laid.

"Forensic tests and crash analysis reports have been completed and as a result, no charges are being considered against the driver of the second vehicle. Police sought an independent review of the crash from a specialist crash investigator. He agreed with police's view that there was no evidence to support charges against the driver of the second vehicle."


Police cannot provide any more detail about the investigation as the matter has now been referred to the coroner.

Nathan Isaac, 29, Terry Stone, 31, and Ronald Rigby, 53, died in the crash.